• Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses
  • Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses
  • Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses
  • Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses


The Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses are a semi-rimless sport performance frame. Smith's Approach Max sunglasses are a great sunglass for cycling, golfing, running and fishing as the semi-rimless frame keeps perspiration from pooling in the bottom of the frame and allows your vision to be unobstructed. The Approach Max Rx Sunglasses are a unisex frame with a medium/large coverage that compliments both men and women. The Smith Approach Max Rx sunglasses are also available in the Smith ChromaPop lens technology. The ChromaPop lenses have all of the bells and whistles of a traditional Smith lens: film-free polarization, ultra-light weight, high impact resistance, scratch resistance, anti-reflection and moisture, grease and grime repellent. On top of all that the ChromaPop lenses improve the speed of visual processing, letting you see true color faster. The Chromapop series also offers an Ignitor lens that is photochromic which lets you adjust to changing light conditions faster than a non-photochromic lens. The bottom line: ChromaPop lenses are like HD for your eyes, bringing color back to life by letting you soak in the colors natural vibrancy. Also the only difference between the Smith Approach Sunglasses and the Approach Max sunglasses is the lens height and the scalloped edge on the bottom of the lens. The lens height is taller and the scalloped edge prevents the lens from resting on your cheekbones.

Size and Fit

  • Frame Size:  Medium-These should fit most average sized heads
  • Designed For: Men
  • Lens Width  Lens Width: 
  • Lens Height  Lens Height: 
  • Bridge Width  Bridge Width: 
  • Temple Length  Temple Length: 

Smith Approach Max Prescription Sunglasses