Bolle Prescription Technology and Information Guide

Bolle Prescription Sunglass Frame and Lens Technology Guide

Bolle was born from the belief that participating in sports is the most expressive of emotions.  When you choose to participate you choose a different way to live by redefining your limits, testing adversaries, and seeking your personal best while touching your deepest emotions.  Regardless of whether you’re an amateur, play regularly, you’re a committed athlete, or an experienced professional to get the most out of your passion having the right equipment is essential.

Whether you’re a cyclist, skier, surfer, runner, tennis or golf player having the right pair of prescription sunglasses is arguably one of the most essential pieces of gear you can own.  Not only does the right eyewear protect your eyes from the sun, elements, and airborne debris, the right pair of prescription frames and lenses can actually improve your overall performance by improving your optical precision, increasing contrast which gives obstacles greater definition and increased reaction time. Top athlete’s around the world in a vast range of sports rely on Bollé’s  prescription sunglasses as the brand provides both highly technical lenses that improve vision and advanced ergonomic frames that offer a custom fit that stays in place even in the most strenuous of activities.

Understanding Bolle Prescription Frame Technology:

Bolle B88™ Nylon Frames:  Bolle’s B88 Nylon Frames are lightweight, flexible and exceptionally strong making them ideal for the patients who need a durable yet comfortable prescription sunglass when competing.

Bolle Thermogrip®: Bolle’s Thermogrip is a hydrophilic material that is located on the temple tips, nose pads, and adjustable nose pieces of Bolle’s sport performance prescription sunglasses.  The Thermogrip technology has moisture-absorbing properties that keep the frame in place even during the most strenuous of activities where extreme perspiration takes place.

Bolle Adjustable Nosepieces: Bolle offer a truly custom fit with their prescription sport sunglasses with their multi-place adjustable nosepieces. Different from other brands Bolle’s adjustable nosepiece will fit any bridge size and offers athletes a truly custom fit. 

Bolle Spring Hinges: Bolle’s spring hinges were designed to give the temples of the sunglasses just the right amount of tension for a secure and comfortable fit.

Bolle Click Hinges:  The Click Hinge acts as a spring hinge in the Bolle prescription sunglasses but offer comfort and durability for the lifetime of the frame by clicking into secure open and closed positions.

Bolle Pinless Hinges: The Pinless Hinges give Bolle’s prescription sunglasses a sleek, lightweight design with an extremely durable structure as the Pinless Hinges seamlessly connect the temple to front of the frame.  

Bolle B-Flow: The B-Flow technology was designed to offer superior prevention of moisture building up on the inside of the lenses as well as combating any fogging issues during competition.

Understanding Bolle Prescription Lens Technology:

Bolle b-Thin:  All Bolle prescription lenses are made with Bolle’s b-thin lenses which use some of the most cutting edge technologies available.  The b-Thin lens technology allows Bolle’s high wrap sport prescription sunglasses to work with much higher prescriptions than all other brands.  Bolle’s prescription sunglasses can accommodates up to a -8.00 total power, providing patients who are normally left choosing flat lenses with the option of 8 base lenses that provides full peripheral coverage from the sun and elements.

Bolle Polarized and Non-polarized:  Bolle prescription lenses are available in both polarized and non-polarized lenses.  Polarized lenses reduce glare form different surfaces, such as water, pavement, and snow, so instead of seeing the light reflect back into your eyes it is filtered out and clarifies your vision.  Polarized lenses are ideal for getting the clearest view possible, but are recommended especially for boating, fishing, and most outdoor sports.  It’s important to note that while all of Bolle’s lens tints are available in both polarized and non-polarized the Bolle Modulator lenses which are photochromic, meaning they self-adjust their visual light transmission so as the sun gets brighter the lens gets darker and vice versa,  are only available in non-polarized.

Bolle Photochromic Modulator: Bolle’s Modulator lenses are available in three different base tints, rose, brown, and grey which gives patients a neutral, enhanced, and high contrast lens option.  The Modulator lens is a photochromic lens meaning the lens will self-adjust its visual light transmission as the light conditions change.  Bolle’s Modulator lens differs from other company’s photochromic lenses, which are applied as a layer on the lens, by actually being embedded into the lens under a highly protective hardcoat in order to prevent wear.

Bolle Progressive Lenses: Bolle offer progressive lenses in a large variety of lens tints.  Progressive lenses are essentially no-line bifocals that progressively transition from patients distance vision to their reading magnification.  Progressive lenses eliminate the need to have multiple pairs of glasses, one for distance, and one for reading by combining both functions into one lens.

Bolle Prescription Sunglass Lens Tints

Bolle Clear Polycarbonate: Clear lenses are recommended for the darkest conditions or indoor use.  Clear lenses not only protect the eyes from wind and debris they allow in the maximum visual light transmission.  (available in progressive)

Bolle Lemon Polycarbonate (yellow base, 76% light transmission, flat and low light): Great for low light conditions, this is a yellow lens that reduces blue light which can blur definition, keeping vision clear without compromising optics in low light environments. (available in progressive)

Recommended Use: cycling, running, alpine, and fishing in low light conditions as it is a high contrast lens that will let in more light in flat conditions that any other Bolle sunglass lens tint.

Bolle Brown ‘TLB Dark’ Polycarbonate (brown base, 14% light transmission, medium to bright light): Bolle’s ‘TLB Dark’ Brown polycarbonate lens is a dark brown lens that is a great all-purpose lens as it is both high contrast and extremely versatile.  (available in polarized and progressive)

Recommended Use: The Bolle Brown TLB Dark prescription lens is a great option for an all-purpose lens that will perform well for cycling, running, golfing, fishing, as well as driving.  This lens is a high contrast lens that will improve depth perception by increasing the visual contrasts between objects.

Bolle Rose ‘Modulator’ Polycarbonate (rose base, 19-48% light transmission, sunny to low light):  Bolle's Rose ‘Modulator’ lenses are a photochromic lenses, meaning they self-adjust their lens tint based on the current light conditions.  The photochromic rose lenses provide enhanced contrast in the light rose and dark rose state. Great for overcast as well as sunny conditions you experience while running, cycling, fishing, or playing golf.  Rose base lenses are high contrast lenses that increase depth perception and sharpen visual definition between objects. (available in progressive)

Recommended Use: The Bolle Rose ‘Modulator’ prescription lens is a great option lens for any sports or activities where you find yourself in changing light conditions and the lens self-adjusts its tint.  This makes the Rose ‘Modulator’ a great lens for fishing, running, golfing, and cycling where you often times start in the early morning and end in full sun or are in and out of shadows.

Bolle Fire ‘TNS’ Polycarbonate (grey base, 17% light transmission, intense sun): Bolle’s Fire ‘TNS’prescription  lenses have a grey base which means they allow you to see true color while blocking intense sun rays.  The Fire ‘TNS’ is going to be a neutral lens with a red mirror coating on it.  The mirror coating will add increased contrast to the lens. (available in polarized and progressive)

Recommended Use: The Bolle ‘TNS’ Fire prescription lenses are recommended for cycling, running, alpine, and open water fishing.  The Fire lens ‘TNS’ lens is recommended for bright, full sun conditions where patients need light to be dulled and to keep stress off the eye.  Neutral lenses are recommended for all day wear as they dull light coming into the eye, with  high contrast lenses the eye sees contrast as additional light and can add strain if wearing all day in intense sunlight.

Bolle Grey ‘TNS’ Polycarbonate (grey base, 10% light transmission, medium to sunny): The Bolle Grey ‘TNS’ prescription lens is a grey base lens that is ideal for bright conditions.  The Grey ‘TNS’ is the darkest of the lens offerings from Bolle. (available in polarized and progressive)

Recommended Use: The Grey ‘TNS’ prescription lenses are available in both non-polarized and polarized making them a great option for open water sports such as sailing or fishing.  Being the darkest of the Bolle prescription lenses the Grey ‘TNS’ is a great option for patients with sensitive eyes as well as patients competing in intense sunlight conditions that do not require a high contrast lens.  The Grey ‘TNS’ prescription lenses are also a great everyday lens for driving and around town.

Bolle Silver Mirror ‘TNS Gun’ Polycarbonate (grey base, 13% light transmission, intense sun):  The Silver Mirror ‘TNS Gun’ prescription lenses is a grey based lens with a silver mirror coating.  This lens will be darker than the Fire ‘TNS’ lenses but lighter than the Grey ‘TNS’ lenses. (available in polarized and progressive)

Recommended Use:  Similar to the Fire ‘TNS’ and Grey ‘TNS’ prescription lenses the Silver Mirror ‘TNS Gun’ will dull light while allowing you to see true color which makes this lens another good option for intense sunlight conditions such as open water fishing, sailing, cycling, and running.

Bolle Blue ‘Offshore’ Polarized Polycarbonate (grey base, 10% light transmission, intense sun): The Bolle Blue ‘Offshore’ Polarized lenses is a grey based lens with a blue mirror.  This lens fights glare in bright, full-sun, marine conditions.

Recommended Use: The Blue ‘Offshore’ polarize prescription lenses from Bolle are ideal for open water fishing of sailing.  This lens has a blue mirror coating which will help with contrast but is a dark grey based lens that will block intense light rays and minimizes strain on the eye making it a great option for all day wear.

Bolle Gold Mirror ‘Inland’ Polarized Polycarbonate (amber base, 14% light transmission, medium to sunny): The Bolle Gold Mirror ‘Inland’ Polarized prescription lens has an amber base with enhanced contrast.  The Gold Mirror ‘Inland’ Polarized lens offer both a mirror coating and polarization that cuts harsh glare in medium to sunny marine conditions.

Recommended Use:  The Bolle Gold Mirror ‘Inland’ polarized prescription lens is an ideal lens for river or stream fishing where you are in and out of shadows and in changing light conditions.  The amber base will increase contrast giving you great depth perception and making it easier to spot fish and uneven terrain.