Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses Review and Guide

Questions about Maui Jim Eyewear? Let Us Help You.

What lens material is used in Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses?

Mau Jim offers two options in lens materials for their prescription eyewear.  The Maui Jim Evolution 1.60 which is a fusion of SuperThin glass and polycarbonate.  The Maui Jim Evolution 1.60 lens is extremely lightweight, scratch and impact resistant, and provides a high performance optical experience.  The second lens option is Maui Jim’s polycarbonate lens.  The polycarbonate lens is ideal for an active lifestyle as it provides both durability and protection against shattering.  Also scratch and impact resistant the polycarbonate lens is injected molded for precise optics while being the lightest lens choice making it ideal for extended wear.

*Both lens options are available in progressive for patients who need a reading magnification. A progressive lens is also known as a no-line bifocal, multifocal, or varifocal lens that corrects both near and distance vision.  Maui Jim progressive lenses have two laser etched circles that are 34mm apart, one on the temple side and one on the nasal side.  You will notice that beneath the circle located by the temple is the add power along with the MP (MauiPassport) logo. Maui Jim does not offer a traditional bifocal lens.

The Maui Jim Maui Evolution 1.60 prescription lenses are available in the following lens tints:

Neutral Grey Evolution 1.60

HCL Bronze Evolution 1.60

Maui Rose Evolution 1.60

High Transmission (HT) Evolution 1.60

The Maui Jim Polycarbonate prescription lenses are available in the following lens tints:

Neutral Grey Polycarbonate

HCL Bronze Polycarbonate

Maui Rose Polycarbonate

High Transmission (HT) Polycarbonate

What is a digital lens?

Digital lenses offer a “high definition” viewing experience. The creation of the digital lenses is optimized with computer controlled surfacing equipment that goes beyond the precision of standard tools used to process prescription lenses. Digital lenses provide sharper vision, better peripheral vision, improved color contrast as well as fewer glares at night.  Digital lenses are recommended in high wrap sunglasses as it prevents any peripheral distortion.

What is a MauiPassport Rx Lens?

MauiPassport lenses are Maui Jim’s prescription lenses.  These lenses offer unmatched clarity in the widest field of view possible.  Exclusive to Maui Jim the lenses are fabricated with digital precision which provides users a wider, clearer and more vivid view.  The MauiPassport lens is a free form lens which uses software and hardware technology that digitally customizes backside surfacing to optimize frame and Rx data.  This free form process is what allows the frame to be digitally made.

What A/R “Anti-Reflective” coating is on Maui Jim’s Prescription Lenses?

It is important to note that the A/R coating on Maui Jim prescription sunglasses is green due to the layering of the lens. Since green is the middle of the light spectrum it makes it easier to maintain.  The A/R coating on Maui Jim Rx sunglasses is proprietary to Maui Jim but is equal in adhesion and durability performance to Crizal or Foundation A/R coatings which are the premium and most widely used coatings in the optical industry.

What is the total power range for Maui Jim prescription eyewear?

The total power range of Maui Jim prescription sunglasses will vary by style but within the Maui Jim eyewear collection the Maui Evolution 1.60 lenses will work with prescriptions that have a total power of +3.00 to -6.50.  The Maui Jim Polycarbonate lens will work with prescription ranging from +3.00 to -5.50.

Is there a minimum cylinder power for Maui Jim?

The minimum cylinder that Maui Jim will make prescription lenses in is 3.00 per eye.

Does Maui Jim make safety frames with prescription safety lenses?

While Maui Jim can grind the lenses to safety thickness, they cannot label the lenses as safety lenses to certify them as such.  Also, typically safety frames are required to be stamped with Z87.1, which Maui Jim frames are not.  So in short no, Maui Jim does not currently offer prescription safety glasses.

Does Maui Jim offer lens only?

Yes, you can order prescription lenses for a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that you currently own as long as that frame is available in Maui Jim’s prescription eyewear collection.  It is important to note that some of Maui Jim’s Rx rimless sunglasses differ from the non-prescription style.  You will want to verify that you have the prescription version of that frame before ordering a prescription lens for it.

Still have questions? No problem, we are happy to answer any and all Maui Jim prescription and non-prescription sunglass questions you may have.  Please contact one of our lens specialists by live chat, phone, or email and they will be happy to assist you.