Meet Lifestyle Tastemaker, Brock Harris, Designer of Goldcoast Skateboards


Tastemaker: Brock Harris

Craft:  The uber talented skateboard designer behind Goldcoast Skateboards. 

Homebase: Salt Lake City, Utah

Current Eyewear: Oakley Sliver Prescription Sunglasses, Raen Squire Prescription Glasses

Self-described Style: Modern, style conscious working man.


How Do You Describe Your Personal Style? Simple, Classic, Functional, Workwear, Basics. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or have a need I don’t need it and if you can’t get dirty in it I don’t wear it. You only do as good as you look and look as good as you do. What you wear is a direct reflection of how you feel. I don’t really care how good I look in others eyes I just I need to feel comfortable in my own skin and I’m good to go. I like to get things done so I guess my style would be considered “The modern, style conscious working man”…. If thats such a thing?….  

How Did You Get into Your Craft? Many years ago I started a skateboard company called Binary. Even though I’ve skateboarded my whole life, it was the first time I was able design a skateboard from the ground up. It was so much fun Developing all the graphics and shapes. It became really addictive and allowed me to focus all of my creativity on one single area. That’s when I fell in love with designing skateboards. Since then I’ve tried to learn everything I could about how to build a skateboard better. I’ve learned a lot about all the many complex facets that go in to making such a seemingly simple thing. Having learned those things I’ve tried to put what I know in to every part of making our skateboards the best out there.

Who or What Inspires You (and your work)? My mind is in a state of constant observation. I try to be aware of the design of things all around me. To be honest, it sometimes drives me crazy but I know that I can’t design or develop great things without being constantly inspired by the people, places and things I come in to contact with every day. I’m definitely one of those guys that are a called “Jack of all trades and master of none”. I try to get involved with pretty much anything and everything that pricks my interests.  Why not! It’s fun exploring things that aren’t totally familiar to you. It’s fun learning how something’s made and how you might make it better. I love pulling ideas from other areas outside of the skateboard industry in to what I make. It gives me a fresh out look to what might be an otherwise mundane task. I love shaking things up!

When You’re Not Doing What You Do Where Could We Find You?  You can find me at home with my family or skateboarding with my friends. Aside from work I live a relatively simple life. Skateboarding has always been a part of that life. I try to skateboard as much as I can for the sole reason that I love to skateboard. I tinker in my garage on a million different projects and I just took up wood working as my newest hobby. I mean it fits right? I make skateboards for a living so it seems natural that I should know how to make other awesome things out of wood too. “Awesome” might be stretching it a little but I do like building with wood. There’s something intensely satisfying about seeing an inanimate block of wood turn in to something elegant and useful. It’s nice to know that regardless of the outcome I gave that block of wood life.

What is the Best Part of Calling Your Homebase Home? Just that! Being able to call it home. I love Salt Lake City. I was born here and I’ll most likely die here. It is my home and I’m proud of that fact. I think Utah is the raddest place on earth. It has everything I’ve ever needed. I’m lucky to have been able to build my business here and I’m a lucky to call this place home.

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