Prescription Fishing Sunglass Athlete Review with Jason Lozano

Athlete: Jason Lozano

Sport: Pro Angler/Guide, Travel Consultant

Homebase: California

Location: Mountains, marsh, river, delta, and lakes.

River and Lake Terrain: Rivers with rock and sand bottoms. Lakes with mud and grass bottoms.

Salt Water Terrain: Salt water flats with sand, corral, rock, and turtle grass bottoms.

Light Conditions: Bright and sunny light conditions, cloudy, low-light and dawn/fog.


The Prescription Sunglasses Jason Recommends for Fly and Spey Fishing:


Low Light Lens Tint: Oakley VR28 Polarized and Bronze Polarized

When I'm fishing in low light conditions I look for a prescription sunglass lens that will enhance or sharpen my vision. Typically these low light conditions occur when I'm out early or late in the day, in a foggy marsh, on the banks of a coastal river, or rainy days. During low light conditions I reach for a bronze or rose lens. I personally prefer either the Oakley Bronze Polarized lens which has a brown base tint or the Oakley VR28 Polarized lens with a rose base tint.  With both fishing and hunting I know that amber base tints for sunglass lenses are one of the favorite tints, however in my experience I have yet to find an amber lens that has enough of the polarizing properties that I need in order to run and navigating a boat in shallow water, or wade through treacherous runs. For that reason I opt for a bronze or rose base sunglass lens tint as they both increase contrast, while the polarized filter eliminates any glare.

Bright Light Lens Tint: Oakley VR28 Black Iridium Polarized or Shallow Blue Iridium Polarized

If I'm hunting or fishing in bright and sunny conditions I prefer a prescription sunglass lens with a tint that is not only polarized to eliminate the glare but also reduces some of the blinding light.  For this reason I typically select a prescription lens that is both mirrored and polarized as the mirrored coating will enhance definition while the polarized filter will eliminate glare.  My go-to sunglass lenses for bright conditions are either the VR28 Black Iridium Polarized which is a rose base lens with a dark Black Iridium coating or the Shallow Blue Iridium Polarized lenses which is a brown base lens, as they are both high contrast lenses that do everything I need while in the field- polarize, filter and enhance. 

Frame Style: Lightweight Wrap with Ventilation

For me frame functionality is second to lens performance. For both fishing and hunting I prefer a wrap style frame as it provides me with more peripheral coverage.  The additional coverage really helps protect my eyes from wind and objects- flies and lures, or twigs and limbs when hiking through the brush. The key features that I look for in a wrap style prescription sunglass are that the frame is light weight, and comfortable at the 3 points of contact- nose, ears, and temples and that it offers great coverage with some ventilation to prevent fogging. Ventilation is often over looked when selecting sunglasses for fishing or hunting but a poorly ventilated frame is always a problem especially when you need your glasses to perform and instead you’re caught having to take them off due to fogging.

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Lenses: Always polarized!

Progressive Lenses: not yet…. But it’s coming DAMNIT!

Final Words of Advice: It’s important to pick the right lenses and frames for you. Everybody sees shades a little different and while a bronze lens might work for you in bright conditions, it doesn’t mean that it will work for someone else. Understand what you are asking from the glasses that you are wearing. Try different lens tints for different conditions. When you're choosing a frame, consider that you may be wearing a hat; you might need to put some Chums on them or if you are going to be using these for all of your other activates. If you find a frame and lens that work for you, I encourage you to buy a spare- either spare lenses or a whole set. There's nothing like having something that works and then being forced to change because it’s no longer available. With a spare set of glasses, or at least spare lenses, you'll be able to buy yourself some time if you scratch lenses or your glasses fall off your hat when you're taking the hero shot.

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