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Key Features for Golfing Sunglasses

Whether you are looking for your first pair of sunglasses, or are replacing your well-loved shades, golf-specific prescription eyewear can enhance and improve your time on the course. While we can’t guarantee that the right eyewear will equate eagles at every hole, it just might just give you a little edge over your friends that don’t take their equipment as seriously as you do.

Instead of attempting to make do with non-functional (yet very stylish) fashion sunglasses, step into the world of performance prescription sunglasses. Here are a few things to consider about frame style and design before making your purchase.


As a golfer, protecting your eyes and ensuring you have the proper vision in all scenarios may just help you make a few more hole-in-one’s. Regardless of where you golf, it’s important to choose a style with lenses that “wrap” around your face. A wrapped lens design offers total protection from the light that sneaks through the top, bottom, or sides of your glasses, which can be quite distracting.

We also recommend Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses as they are shatterproof and lightweight. A lighter lens will mean less pressure behind or above your ears, and an all-around more comfortable experience throughout your entire game.

Frame Fit and Design

As tempting as it may be to rock your favorite lifestyle shades for your next trip to the course, your shades likely won’t perform as you want them to when you need them most. The main difference between golf-specific glasses and casual frames is a good, athletic frame fit.

A semi-rimless frame will be best in class on the golf course. This style frame will have a frame only above the lenses, leaving the bottom of the lens unobstructed. The benefit to you is that you won’t be staring down at the bottom of your frame as you address the ball. The other benefit, especially for those who golf in humid conditions, or hot and sweaty conditions, is that moisture won’t pool up in the bottom of your frames, but will rather run off the bottom of the lens.

Your new sunglasses need to provide all day comfort, meaning that these shades need to be lightweight, and they need to stay put. Golf-specific shades will have rubberized nose pads and temple arms to keep your glasses secured in the same position as when you first put them on. This will make a huge difference when it comes to your sanity, not having to push your glasses up the bridge of your nose every time you drive the ball.



If you have any other questions about golfing specific prescription glasses, give us a shout at 888-507-1230 or and we'll be happy to help.

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