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Lens Tint Guide

Whether you are playing a baseball & softball game in the middle of the day in full sunlight, an evening game in and out of shadows, or a night game it is important to consider your light conditions when selecting a lens tint. Baseball & softball is played in a variety of light conditions but because sunglasses are generally worn in baseball & softball on sunny days a grey based lens is typically the best option. A grey based lens lets you see true color and will also cut out harsh glare and offer superior visual clarity in bright, full sunlight conditions. Grey base lenses will darken the environment without making it high contrast, which the eye translates as light. A grey based lens will be ideal for bright conditions and all day wear as it will put less stress on the eye by dulling the light that is transmitted. Due to the nature of the sport when playing baseball & softball in full sunlight conditions there will be times when you may have to look directly into the sun for balls, in which case you would want the darkest lens option for the intense lighting.

If you are playing baseball & softball in the late afternoon a brown, copper, rose, or amber base lens would be ideal. These are all going to be high contrast lenses that help to improve depth perception when in shadows. Late afternoon and early evening games can have shadows that are cast on certain parts of the field from lights or bleachers. When you are in the shadows a high contrast lens will make it seem not as dark as a grey base lens would.

Lens Materials 101

Prescription baseball sunglasses typically use lenses made of either high grade polycarbonate or Trivex, another composite lens material. Both are lightweight and shatterproof and provide excellent clarity. Trivex is a slightly better material in terms of clarity, but most people have a hard time telling the difference and both result in excellent lenses in terms of optical quality and impact protection.

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Lenses

Polarized prescription lenses are highly recommended for any activity where light can reflect off of surfaces and cause glare. Polarized Rx lenses are a great option for baseball & softball because they will greatly reduce glare from objects in the stands, so instead of seeing the light reflected back into your eyes it is filtered out and clarifies your vision. Polarized lenses are ideal for getting the clearest view possible as well as typically providing the darkest lenses.

Progressive vs. Single Vision

Progressive lenses are typically not recommended for baseball & softball or softball as there is no need for a reading addition in either sport.

How Does Getting "Re-Lensed" at Salt City Optics Work?

Select your lens options and enter your prescription in the cart page (or send it later). We then send you a box with a prepaid shipping label. Place your frames in the box and drop them in the mail. We will custom make new lenses, fit them back into your frames and send them back to you. Simple and easy! You save money and get new lenses in frames that you already know you will love.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Glasses Back?

In most cases, single vision lenses will be completed and shipped out within 7 business days of us receiving your frames. Progressive lenses are usually shipped out inside of 10 days.

Where Do I Enter My Prescription?

Your prescription is entered into the prescription form on the cart page, or you can email or fax it to us later.

Is There A Charge For Shipping?

Standard shipping is always free. We have an expedited option if you would like faster shipping.

Can I Use My FSA / HSA Card?

We accept FSA and HSA dollars for all purchases as long as your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card (has the Visa/Mastercard logo on it).

If you would like to use your FSA or HSA card to pay for a portion of your purchase and apply the remaining balance to a different card, we can do that as well. Please call us at (888) 507-1230, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. MST, Monday-Friday. You can also email us at

What If I Need To Exchange Or Return My Order?

We're not happy unless you're happy. We will gladly exchange or return your prescription lenses within 30 days of you receiving them. Simply call us, chat online, or email us and one of our friendly representatives will happily email you a pre-paid return label.

Prescription Baseball Lenses